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Veteran Home Care Services


Centacare South West NSW and Department of Veteran Affairs are working in partnership to provide home care assistance for Veterans.

Centacare will provide Home Care support to the Veteran’s and their families:

Veterans' Home Care (VHC) is a Department Veteran Affairs program designed to assist entitled Veteran persons who need help to continue living independently in their own home. Services include Domestic Assistance, Personal Care, Respite Care, and safety-related Home and Garden Maintenance.
We will provide experienced and professional staff to assist and support the Veteran’s and their families.

Some things to know:

Eligibility to receive VHC services?
Veterans who have a Gold Card or White Card are eligible for an assessment for VHC services. To find out if you are eligible for the service, call a VHC Assessment Agency on 1300 550 450 to discuss your eligibility.

How to apply?
To receive VHC services you must have an assessment by a VHC assessor. Most assessments are done over the phone. To arrange an assessment call a VHC Assessment Agency on 1300 550 450.

The VHC assessor will discuss your circumstances with you to identify the services you may need.
Centacare SW NSW coordinator will contact you to discuss a suitable time to provide their service(s).

What services can be delivered?
Personal Care

Personal Care includes assistance with daily self-care tasks that a person is unable to do for themselves. Services may include assistance with:

·      showering, bathing, toileting;

·      dressing, grooming;

·      eating;

·      application of non-medicated skin care creams and lotions; and

·      putting on compression stockings, protective bandaging, splints and callipers.

Respite Care
Respite Care gives a break to a carer. Respite care may be provided to someone who is:
·      a carer of an entitled person;

·      an entitled person who is a carer; or

·      a self carer (for residential respite only).

Respite services include:
·      In-home Respite Care;

·      Residential Respite Care; or

·      Emergency Short-Term Home Relief (ESTHR).

Domestic Assistance
Domestic Assistance provides support with basic household tasks such as:

·      internal house cleaning like dishwashing, vacuuming and mopping, bed making and               linen changing, clothes washing and/or ironing;

·      some assistance with meal preparation (but not total preparation of meals);

·      bill paying and unaccompanied shopping; and

·      collection and/or cutting of firewood in rural and remote areas.

Safety-related Home and Garden Maintenance
Safety-related Home and Garden Maintenance services are designed to keep the home safe by minimising hazards. Services include minor tasks that could be done by a handyman such as:

·      replacing light bulbs;

·      changing batteries in smoke/security alarms;

·      cleaning gutters, external and internal windows or ceiling fans;

·      minor home maintenance (e.g. cupboard door adjustment);

·      pruning, grass cutting or weeding (only where a safety hazard exists);

·      clearing of debris following natural disasters;

·      collection and/or cutting of firewood in rural and remote areas; and

·      one-off garden clean ups in specific circumstances.

Are there limits to each service I can receive?
Personal Care

Dependent on your assessed needs, you may have up to one-and-a-half hours per week from the VHC Program. If you have long term higher level personal care needs.

Respite Care
In any one financial year, up to 196 hours of In-Home Respite Care or 28 days of Residential Respite Care, or a combination of both can be paid for by DVA. For Australian former Prisoners of War and Victoria Cross recipients, DVA will pay for 63 days of Residential Respite Care. In addition, there are up to 216 hours of ESTHR available.

Domestic Assistance
There are no strict limits for Domestic Assistance as it depends on your assessed needs, taking into account the VHC Program is not designed to meet complex or high-level care needs.  The service is provided on a weekly or fortnightly basis, dependent on your assessed needs.

Safety-related Home and Garden Maintenance
You may have up to 15 hours in a 12 month period. The service is based on your assessed needs, so you will not automatically be entitled to 15 hours.

How much do these services cost?
Co payments apply and are a contribution towards the cost of providing the services.




Psychological services

Centacare South West NSW is registered
with Medicare Australia to provide services under the Medicare Benefits Scheme.

Centacare’s professional team of psychologists provide assessment and treatment for people with mental health problems. Referral by a general practitioner under a Mental Health Plan is required.

Psychological Services available in Wagga Wagga and Yarrawonga.

Please contact Centacare to book your appointments on 1300 619 379 or