Family Dispute Resolution, Restorative Practices & Mediation

Family Dispute Resolution

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is a special type of mediation for helping separating families to come to their own agreements. During FDR families will discuss the issues in dispute and consider different    t options, while being encouraged to focus on the needs of their children. FDR uses a neutral and accredited Family Dispute Resolution practitioner (FDRP) .

The main objective of FDR is to assist participants to make a parenting plan setting out the agreed future parenting arrangements.

It is a practical and low cost way for separating families to sort out future parenting arrangements with professional help. For more information see the Family Dispute Resolution Factsheet.

It is compulsory under Australian family law for separated parents to attempt Family Dispute Resolution before applying to a family law court for parenting orders.

There are exemptions and these can be discussed in a confidential one on one initial interview with your FDRP

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A restorative conference is a meeting in which affected parties come together to discuss what happened, how they have been affected and what needs to be done in moving forward.

Restorative Practices builds positive relationships and mutual respect. The sole aim of this approach is to solve problems and manage conflict.  Restorative Practices explores the harm that has occurred in relationships, it gives a voice to those hurt and identifies ways in which the harm can be repaired by the wrongdoer.  Restorative Practices helps those affected  think about how they can commit to doing things differently for the future.


Centacare family counselling staff can provide mediation services to assist families to reach an agreement and to resolve their disputes related to

  • Separation and divorce
  • Children and Parenting Plans

This can be achieved outside of the court system and can include extended family members such as grandparents.  Our trained practitioners can assist families to

  • identify issues which need to be resolved
  • listen to each other's point of view without interruption
  • sharing relevant information
  • exploring ideas and options
  • putting decisions and agreements in writing

Can someone check what our children really want?

Centacare has both child counsellors and offers a child inclusive approach, which assesses how children are travelling and can give a view in the child’s best interests and may bring to the mediation a message from a child, if the child so wishes

Centacare’s Wagga office employs a Registered Regional Dispute Resolution Practitioner who can provide a certificate to families when required.

Introducing Keryn – Family Counsellor/Mediator Wagga Wagga

Keryn joined Centacare South West NSW in January 2018, she has previously worked as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner including 3 years as a child consultant for another non-government organisation from 2007 – 2017.

Keryn can provide a range of clinical interventions for children, youth and adults that are family focused where possible with all members of the family. Services are targeted to meet client needs at critical family transition points including formation, extension, and separation. Family members, including children, can receive a range of services such as counselling, mediation, problem solving, dispute resolution, one-off group work education seminars, information and referrals. There will be a strong focus supporting parents and empowering vulnerable and disadvantaged families and keeping children safe. 

Keryn is an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner with the Attorney Generals Department and an Accredited Mediator with the National Mediation Standards Board. 

Please contact Centacare for appointments with Keryn on 1300 619 379 or email: