Family Group Conferencing

What is a Family Group Conference?

A Family Group Conference (FGC) is a family led decision making meeting.  It involves family members, their supports and professionals making decisions to develop a plan of support for a child or young person.  A FGC is arranged and facilitated by an independent convenor.  

Family members can include the children, parents, extended family and significant friends and neighbours of the family.  

At the FGC, the family group have discussion in family time to develop their plan for the child or young person.  The family plan is then resourced by the family members and professionals. 

A FGC can help families with:
•    Concerns around child and adolescent well-being
•    Family Relationship Issues
•    Student Engagement/student attendance 

A FGC has five Stages:
•    Referral
•    Preparation
•    Information Sharing
•    Private Time
•    Review