Complaints & Feedback

Centacare is entrusted to assist and empower clients and staff to meet their needs in a professional, respectful and collaborative manner. Services are accessible to all, especially the disadvantaged and vulnerable. Centacare’s code of ethical practice is inspired by the teaching of the Catholic Church on social justice.

All programs are conducted by qualified staff who adhere to the Centacare Mission Statement and Code of Ethics.

How do I make a complaint?

By completing the form found at the back of the How to Make a Complaint brochure, available here and at our office.
By writing a letter
By making a phone call

Who can I make my complaint to?

Recovery Support & Service Innovation Manager
or Family Services Manager or
Chief Executive Officer
02 6923 3888

What happens then?

The person receiving your complaint will contact you within 7 working days.
Your complaint will be heard. You may choose a personal interview.
We will ask you how you think the matter can best be resolved.
We will also offer suggestions to help resolve the matter.
When your matter is resolved you will receive written confirmation.

Can I make my complaint to someone outside Centacare?

Yes, we can advise you where to contact.
You will not be discriminated against for making a complaint.
Please let us know if you require an interpreter, or if you have any other special needs.