The purpose of our humanitarian services is to provide tailored support to humanitarian entrants in Australia to promote their physical, social and psychological well being through non-discriminatory and culturally appropriate practice and in turn raise cultural awareness across community ties.


DRUMBEAT is a therapeutic program developed by the HOLYOAKE Institute. Holyoake’s programs focus on reducing social isolation by increasing the social skills and the self efficacy of people so that they can better engage with the social world around them.

The DRUMBEAT program is used to deliver a range of social learning outcomes, including increased emotional regulation, healthier relationships with others and increased self-esteem. The program uses drumming exercises to provide a sense of connectedness for participants with themselves and others. In the program, participants look at social issues such as peer pressure, bullying and dealing with emotions, tolerating diversity, identity and social responsibility. The program also provides participants with an opportunity to express themselves, gain confidence, learn new skills and work as part of a team.

The ten week program is made up of four areas, drum songs, drum games with drum analogies, discussions linked to healthy relationships and a performance.

DRUMBEAT is great for all ages as well as for businesses and agencies.

DRUMBEAT provides youth with an opportunity to express themselves, gain confidence, learn new skills and work as part of a team.

Service Area: Griffith & Leeton

Settlements Grants Program (SGP)

Providing funding to assist humanitarian entrants and migrants settle in Australia and participate equitably in Australian society as soon as possible after arrival. The SGP is targeted to deliver settlement services to humanitarian entrants, family migrants with low levels of English proficiency and dependents of skilled migrants in rural and regional areas with low English proficiency.

The SGP helps new arrivals access people and organisations who can assist them in finding jobs, accommodation, health care and other relevant services. The focus is on building individuals' self-reliance and fostering connections with mainstream services.