INSTEP Program

For parents and step parents in a step family or blended family

Centacare recognises that blended and stepfamilies can experience unique circumstances which can be different to traditional families. Centacare provides a research based marriage and family life education program for couples and children who have formed or are forming stepfamilies, recognising the often intricate, layered and reciprocal nature of relationships within stepfamilies.

This Instep Program consists of 6 sessions for couples and is designed to

  • Strengthen the couple relationship

  • Improve knowledge of “normal” stepfamily development and functioning

  • Improve knowledge of successful step-parenting strategies and the role biological parents play in healthy stepparent-stepchild relationships

  • Improve knowledge of child development and positive parenting skills

  • Improve knowledge of legal and financial issues in stepfamilies

  • Enhance skills for negotiating shared meaning of expectations and family roles

  • Enhance understanding of children’s needs in post separation

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