Keeping Kids in Mind

Keeping Kids in Mind (KKIM) is a short course for separated parents.

The course aims to help separated parents get along better for the sake of their children. Major studies have shown that children from separated parents can grow up fine. But if parents continue to fight after separation there is a very real risk that their children will grow up damaged (low self-esteem, trouble with the law, teen pregnancy, low academic achievement etc). This course aims avoid these poor outcomes.

“Attending the 5 week ‘Keeping Kids In Mind’ Parenting Program (KKIM) at Centacare has really changed my life…it was the best decision I’ve made for myself and my son, it has helped us in so many ways. Our relationship and trust is stronger. If you are a separated parent, no matter who you are or how you parent, it is definitely something you should experience. I loved it!