We place a high value on mental health and recovery at Centacare. We offer counselling across the region as well as the Personal Helpers and Mentors (PHaMS) and Partners in Recovery across the southern and western parts of region.

Service Areas: Albury, Finley, Griffith & Wagga

PHaMs - Personal Helpers and Mentors Program

The Personal Helpers and Mentors Program aims to provide increased opportunities for recovery to people who have a severe functional limitation resulting from a mental illness by helping them to overcome social isolation and increasing their connections to the community.

The Personal Helpers and Mentors Program operates on a strengths based, recovery approach, which recognises that a person can live a satisfying and constructive life within the limitations caused by illness. Recovery does not mean cure. The Program supports people in different ways including:

  • Helping people to better manage their daily activities like housekeeping, shopping, budgeting and using public transport;
  • Working with people to reconnect with their communities;
  • Helping people to get relationships with family and friends back on track;
  • Accessing appropriate clinical support;
  • Providing direct and personalised service through outreach
  • Helping people connect with other services and programs that can help; like drug and alcohol, housing or medical support.

Most importantly, the PHaMs team will ensure that services accessed by participants are coordinated, integrated and complementary to other services in the community.

The PHaMs team at Centacare have given me more care and help than any other health organisation I’ve been to. I am very impressed with them.

Service Areas: Albury, Finley, Griffith & Leeton

PIR - Partners in Recovery

Partners in Recovery aims to better support people with severe and persistent mental illness with complex needs, and their carers and families, by getting services and supports to work in a more collaborative, coordinated, and integrated way.

Hume PIR is a partnership of eleven local service providers, a consumer and a carer member. Support Facilitators work with participants to identify their hopes, dreams and priorities and ensure existing services and supports work in a more collaborative, coordinated, and integrated way to meet those priorities.

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Employee Assistance Program Services

Centacare offers counselling, support and debriefing to employees of various government and non-government agencies and the private business sector.

The Employee Assistance Program can help when personal, family or work issues are impacting on your wellbeing or quality of life.  Talking with a counsellor can help you identify problems and find strategies to deal with or manage them.

Assistance that EAP can provide:

Employment Assistance Program (EAP) can offer short-term, solution focused counselling.  The counselling discussion is informal, friendly and focused on your needs.  It can be provided face-to-face or over the telephone, whichever is more convenient to you.

EAP counselling can help you:-

  • Clarify a problem
  • Identify options
  • Develop plans to approach difficult issues in a constructive manner

Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides counselling and support to all employees and immediate family members.  This service, provided by your employer, is free, voluntary and confidential.

Contact Centacare 1300 619 379 or your employer to find out if there is an EAP in place that you are able to access.