Recovery Approaches to Dementia (RAD) News - September 2016

Welcome to the Recovery Approaches to Dementia (RAD) project monthly Newsletter.

The RAD project builds upon popular Person Centered Care Principles. It has the underlying belief that individuals—despite serious mental health or physical health concerns— can regain and/or maintain a meaningful life. Core recovery concepts are hope, personal responsibility, education, advocacy and support. It acknowledges the importance of working in partnership with the individual and their family about what is important to them, their wants and needs. This project has included the development of a range of groups. You can contact the RAD team should you be interested in attending.

Meet the RAD Team

There are currently three members of the RAD Team.

  • Yangi Ochala—Many of you may have already met who is about to go on Maternity Leave. We wish her all the best with the pending arrival of her little bundle.
  • Hannah Hamilton - Who has been with the project for approximately six months and comes from a social worker background.
  • Lynda MacMillan—Has just commenced with the project and comes from a community services background.

RAD Programs run at various locations, each month and include the following:

RAD Educational & Support Groups (RESGs): This is a short-term group for people living with dementia and their partner/spouse/carer for recovery discussions, social interaction and support, relevant education and capacity building. Participants will be supported in sessions to develop their own individual recovery and self management plan, and sessions will be tailored to reflect the needs of participants. Training for Aged Care Service Staff & Volunteers: Provision of training in recovery based models and their implementation in working with people with dementia. Training is provided free of charge.

Dementia Awareness Raising Activities: RAD has a number of awareness raising activities which include; The development of a Regional Resource Booklet, and a range of Community Events. These will be promoted through this newsletter, on Centacare’s Website and in local promotional avenues.


Wk 1 5th—9th 10/09/2016 Future Planning Event Wagga

Wk 2 12th-16th

13/09/2016 Volunteers Leeton/Griffith

15/09/2016 Volunteers Albury

Wk 4 26th-30th

27/09/2016 RESG Griffith

29/09/2016 RESG Wagga

RADCristy Houghton