Friendly Futsal match builds relationships for new residents

Centacare teamed up with the Interreach Ability Link Program and Griffith’s Post School Options to hold a Futsal match between a team of Afghans and a team of Malaysians to help them make new connections in the community when they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity.

Our own Joanne Fitzpatrick enjoyed the day and said it was fantastic seeing the two teams come together and have such a great time.

A game that started off with the players being unsure of each other to finishing with handshakes and numbers being exchanged, it was a fantastic result to see them all embrace the opportunity to meet new friends.

Rey from Interreach said it was very heartwarming to be able to give these new residents a chance to meet, offering new connections in the community is a great way to become involved and to be accepted.

Sport brings people together as was shown by this game and it is something that will be continued by all parties involved.

Cristy Houghton