10 Tips on keeping your kids safe at Schoolies

Schools finished and it’s time the year 12 school leavers can let their hair down and enjoy a holiday with their friends to celebrate the end of their schooling years. 

Schoolies week is known to many students as a rite of passenger before entering the real world of university and careers and knowing how you can keep them safe and for them to keep themselves safe is important for your piece of mind and so they can enjoy their time away with their friends.


Know the Schoolies 24 hr help line

This is useful for both your child and you as a parent to have in case of any issues while at Schoolies. This number is applicable in the Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Airlie Beach. This number is provided when your child books with Schoolies direct.

Know the local safety services

Within Australia Red Frogs Australia is an organisation that puts over 1200 volunteers on the streets at Schoolies to help support your children. They specialise in walking people home, room cleaning assistance and of course handing out the little red frog lollies.

Start the conversation early

Start the conversation about schoolies with your child in advance of them leaving home. Talk about safety, money, alcohol and drugs as well as helping them to set boundaries for themselves that you know of such as setting a curfew to be home each night.

Social media

Make sure your child knows that how they behave and act at Schoolies can be shared across social media which can affect their current or future job opportunities as well as be embarrassing for them. Being aware of their surroundings and knowing their limits with alcohol will help them in knowing when they need to slow down or stop before anything gets out of control.

Sexual health

It is important to talk about safe sex, even if you don’t approve. If your child has the right knowledge, they can avoid any issues and can make informed decisions about sex. You can find tips on how to talk about safe sex with your child at www.istaysafe.com.

Never walk home alone

Have your child make a meeting point with their friends each night in case they get separated during the night. If the group is not ready to go home but your child is, either the whole group walks them home and returns out, or they walk your child to a volunteer who can walk them back to their accommodation.

Know the emergency numbers

Provide all of the emergency numbers to your child of the city they will be attending schoolies. This will be very beneficial for them to have on hand to use in case of an emergency and to know what sort of situation requires their services.

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is a form of bullying and a big issue among young people. Make sure your child knows they can say no and not to feel bad. Also, it is important for them to know and realise they might be peer pressuring their friends without knowing and to correct the situation when they realise.

Watch your drinks

Drink spiking is still a very large issue in today’s society and having your child understand not to leave their drinks unattended or accept a drink off a stranger if they were not present when it was purchased. If they do leave their drink and remember even only a few minutes later, they need to leave it and buy a new one.


Talking with your child about the presence of drugs at schoolies and the risks associated with taking drugs will help them make informed decisions at schoolies an to also help their friends if they know they have taken something.

Cristy Houghton