8 Easy Tips to Manage Stress in your Every Day

Stress can affect your whole body, all producing their own reaction includes headaches, anxiety, nausea, decreased appetite and skin problems such as acne.

Below are 8 ways to help you reduce and/or eliminate stress from your everyday lives whether that be at home or at work.


10 minutes a day of reflection and mediation can bring relief and help provide a clear head. You can either listen to music or be in a quiet space away from any distractions.


30 minutes, 2-3 times a week of exercise helps with energy and releasing happy endorphins in your brain. If you feel the onset of stress or it has already hit, go for a walk either by yourself or with a colleague or friend to release those endorphins.

Take one task at a time

As your to-do list keeps growing it is very easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of work you have causing you stress. Take a breath and prioritise the most important tasks first, then do one at a time.

List solutions and create a plan

If there is a problem making you stressed, write a list of ways to solve the problem then create a plan to put the solutions into action. Knowing how to solve your issues will keep stress at bay.

Learn to accept things beyond your control

There are some things you will just never be able to control but you can control how you react to them. Be willing to accept you cannot control everything and you will feel the stress slip away.

Express your feelings to others

Talk to your colleagues or friends about anything that is bothering you either at work or in your personal life that is causing you stress. Talking will help even if you aren’t looking for advice but just someone to listen.

Get a good night sleep

Ensuring you are getting a good night and enough sleep is extremely important to make sure you are giving your body and mind time to refresh. Revisiting the thing making you stressed after a good sleep can give you a new perspective and reduce stress.

Be realistic

Learning to say no is extremely important when you already have a large to-do list. Stress will build if you keep saying yes and your list becomes so full that you cannot focus on any task. It’s okay to say no if you are already overwhelmed or taking on too much.


Apply the above 8 tips when you are feeling stressed at any point or time in your work or personal life and you will see what a difference it makes to helping you be happier and even more motivated each day.

Cristy Houghton