The 12 Do's and Don'ts of Christmas


Christmas is a time that should we should be spending with our family and friends, laughing, remembering those loved ones who have left us, talking about old memories and making new ones. However, a lot of the time we get caught up with trying to do so much before the 25th December that we become overwhelmed, stressed and worn out.

Here are 12 do’s and don’ts for Christmas that will help you enjoy the festive season and have the energy to do so.

DO get enough sleep

Sleep is extremely important if you want to keep your energy levels up and be able to tackle the day ahead. Plan a time to go to bed each night that will allow you to have the recommended 8-9 hours sleep.

DON’T overspend

Create yourself a budget for presents, food and parties this festive season. This will help you to not overspend and to not feel guilty when Christmas passes.

DO fit in exercise

Try and fit in exercise up to 3 times a week to help with higher energy levels and getting out of the slump of the Christmas food and drinks. A walk with the dog, friend or partner is a great way to get outdoors, especially when the weather is warm and the sun is out longer.

DON’T procrastinate

Stop putting off your to-do list and get it done early. Procrastinating your Christmas shopping, food shopping and even Christmas Day prep will cause you to get stressed as the 25th December rolls closer.

DO write lists

Write down your list for who you need to buy for, what presents you are purchasing, what your food and drink shopping is and the around-the-house chores that need to be done before everyone comes over for Christmas. This will help you keep on top of everything and means you can even ask your family to help.

DON’T try and do it all yourself

Asking for help with shopping or chores around the house does not mean that people will think any less of you. Having your family help out with the shopping, cleaning the house and helping you prep the food will give you more time to spend with them.

If you are hosting a Christmas party, ask your friends to help serve the food or bring the meat in from the BBQ, meaning you will be able to enjoy more of the party with all of your guests and not just be behind the scenes for the whole event.

DO plan ahead

Planning ahead means writing your lists, knowing who is coming for Christmas, knowing how much food to buy and knowing when you can start prepping the food for Christmas Day.

DON’T get stressed if your feast doesn’t look like it does on Pinterest

Create your own version of beauty and happiness in your Christmas feast for everyone to enjoy and do not stress if it doesn’t turn out exactly what it looks like on your Pinterest board. Make it unique to you and that is what your family will love.

DO wear Christmas gear

Throw on that Santa hat at the work Christmas party, wear your festive t-shirt down the street while shopping and definitely throw on your Christmas outfit, earrings, cap or shoes on Christmas day!

DON’T expect to attend every single Christmas event

This is one of the busiest times of the year for Christmas parties and events. It feels like there is no free time to get any present shopping done or even time to decorate your own home. Of all the events you get invited to, do not feel like you have to attend all of them. People understand this time of year is extremely busy and they will not hold it against you.

DO make the most of Christmas

Embrace all that the Christmas season has to offer, make it fun, laugh with friends and family and most of all enjoy Christmas Day with your loved ones eating, drinking and being merry.

DON’T neglect your family and friends

Don’t turn people away or say you do not have time to spend going for a coffee or sitting at the table for dinner. If you are worried you will not get your present shopping in, ask your friend to meet you and take them shopping with a coffee in hand. Sit down at the table for dinner and go through your lists with your family and make a plan on what should be the next item to tick off the list.

Cristy Houghton