5 ways to create your own balanced life

January is get a balanced life month and mixed with our new year’s resolutions there is no better time to look after yourself and create your own balanced life. Many people will say a balanced life is half at work and half at home having time for yourself and/or your family. This may work for some people but not everyone. It is time to create a balanced life that works for you including work, ‘me’ time, family, friends and entertainment.

Here are some tips that are going to help you create your own balanced life that way you want.

Time to assess

You need to start somewhere and there is no better place than looking at how your life is right now. Make a few lists, things you love, things you want to change and things you want to do more of. These lists will have you thinking in more detail about what is not making you happy and what you want more of in your life.

Be realistic

Looking at the hours in the day, you need to be realistic about what you can do each day, each week and each month. If you want to visit your friends more, look at scheduling this in once a fortnight rather than once a week. If you want to have a spa day or go on a day trip, schedule this in for once a month. Knowing what your limits are and where you can actually block of times during your day, week or month will help guide you to your new balanced life.

Set goals

Setting goals will help you to reach your ideal balance that you are trying to create. Set yourself small, achievable and realistic goals in different areas of your life including work, relationships, fitness and finances. These goals will ultimately lead to your overall goal of a balanced life.

Saying no is a good thing

Many people struggle with saying no to an invitation. It could be dinner, a quick drink or a party. Saying no is not going to hurt your friends feelings, and being honest goes a long way. If you do not feel up to having a few drinks, tell your friend sorry but you are having a quiet night in tonight for a bit of ‘me’ time.

Make time to reassess each month

Each month, sit down with a drink on your couch and reassess the past 30 days. Have you achieved your small, realistic goals for the month? Did you follow your schedule? Is there any areas you want to change, take out or add in to your life for the next month?

Achieving a balanced life will take time, commitment, change and assessment but this is what makes it fun, challenging and rewarding as you find parts of your life continually changing for a better you and a better balance.

Cristy Houghton