Refugee Week Dinner and Tirkandi Inaburra Graduation day

Centacare were invited to Tirkandi Inaburra Cultural and Development Centre for the graduation ceremony of the boys who had attended the Refugee Week Dinner. The Tirkandi boys had previously attended the Refugee Week dinner to do a” Welcome to Country” and a dance.    I attended the graduation with Nasrullah and Farid.  We enjoyed the graduation ceremony, lunch and dances which included Welcome to Country, warrior and the ‘boys to men’ dance. 

During the final speech on the day ‘Uncle Will’ talked about the community events the boys had attended to during the year and said “that the highlight for him had been the Refugee Week Dinner where the boys had won some chocolates in the free raffle.  They were told to take them home and share them but instead the boys asked if they could open them now and they gave their chocolates to the refugee kids at the dinner.”  Uncle Will also talked about how well the boys had danced and performed for the refugees at the Refugee Week dinner evening, even though it was very cold and dark.

Natalie Currie