Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

We actively reach out to and serve vulnerable families and individuals by:

  • Providing a range of quality targeted services and programs that are flexible and responsive to needs

  • Building on strengths of individuals, families and communities

  • Promoting social justice and inclusion

Our Vision

Our service and actions reflect the Gospel values of social justice and inclusion. We want families and individuals to have positive wellbeing and be able to live in strong inclusive communities.

Our Values

We reflect the Gospel through the lived expression of our six values:

  1. Respect We respect the uniqueness, dignity, diversity, cultures and beliefs of all people.

  2. Social Justice We value equity of access, fairness and justice. We seek to give voice to the vulnerable.

  3. Compassion We care for the wellbeing of each person, we acknowledge strengths in all people and we believe individuals have the right to take control of their future.

  4. Excellence We strive for high standards and are committed to being adaptable and innovative whilst ensuring best practice approaches to our service.

  5. Professionalism We behave with professionalism, are ethical, act with integrity and are accountable for our work.

  6. Commitment We are committed to developing creative, collaborative, positive relationships in all aspects of our work.